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Cutting Edge Lobbying Tailored For You

Lobbying is a process of bridging the gap between business realities and governmental policy. Kaizen is the Sino-Japanese term for “improvement.” It is a gradual approach to change, improvement, and growth. We at Kaizen Strategies endeavor to assist government and elected officials in understanding the needs of the business community and finding solutions that create a win-win situation for all involved. By combining the lobbying process with the Kaizen strategy, we promote relationships using a two-fold strategy for a mutually beneficial outcome​.​

Cutting Edge Lobbying Tailored For You

Proper Analysis And Research

Using social media is a tool that increases the audience, thus maximizing interest in the product being offered. Kaizen Strategies can evaluate a client’s social media activities and monitor the influence of, for example, web pages. Adjustments and improvements will be suggested including selecting appropriate content and platforms, and engaging staff to cultivate social media relationships to increase web presence and expand audience.​

Results That Represent Big And Small Interests

Kaizen Strategies will assist small businesses in locating funding sources. We can help in drafting proposals to secure funding for businesses. Whether the business is new or established and in the process of expanding. Writing grant proposals requires expertise in how to create and submit strong proposals. Kaizen Strategies is a valuable partner you need to be successful.

Services That Are Funded Privately

Privately funded social projects and organizations are those that depend on funds donated through private corporations or individuals. These sources may be more difficult to find which is why it is essential to engage Kaizen Strategies. We are familiar with many corporations that are looking to invest. We also know how to set your business up with a grant source that will ultimately fit your needs and interests. Legal requirements on how private grant money may be spent are minimal, but finding the right source is difficult. Let Kaizen Strategies help your organization find its perfect grant partner.

Opportunities That Include Public Funding

Public funding involves regulations on how the grant is to be spent because these projects have a large impact on society. The application and criteria are strict and detailed and may take a long time to get approval. The written proposals are long, and the follow-up must show that the funds were used as donors intended. If the funds come from government organizations, the money comes from taxpayers or public funds and distribution must be closely monitored to meet government regulations. Kaizen Strategies is experienced in dealing with the initial grant writing process, its presentation, execution, and follow-up.

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